Cyberkida Digiera Private Limited - Clients Work Policy

Proposal Validity Period:
1.1 The validity period for all proposals is 15 days, starting from the date of submission. After this period, the proposal may be subject to review and adjustment.

Office Hours:
2.1 Our office hours are from 11 am to 7 pm, Monday through Friday. All communications and meetings should be scheduled within these hours.

Verification of Officer Affiliation:
3.1 When our officer attends a merchant meeting, verification of their affiliation with the company is mandatory. This can be confirmed through the presentation of an employee ID card issued by the company or other company-issued proof.

Advance Payment Requirement:
4.1 Work commencement is contingent upon receiving a 100% advance payment for Digital marketing services and a 60% advance payment for all other services.

Project Timelines:
5.1 Project timelines commence immediately following the first payment. Any delays in content delivery from the client’s end may result in an extension of the project completion timeline.

Draft Review Period:
6.1 After sending the initial draft, clients are requested to communicate any desired changes within a 72-hour timeframe.

Testing Period and Adjustments:
7.1 Upon project completion, there will be a 24-hour testing period. Any adjustments needed during this time will be addressed free of charge. After this testing period, only minor changes will be provided at no additional cost, and major changes will incur charges.

Client Response Time:
8.1 After completion of the timeline, the project can be awaited for the next 10 days. If the client does not provide any response within this timeframe, the project will be considered canceled.

Post-Live Changes:
9.1 If the client requests any changes after 10 days of the website going live, additional charges will apply.

Pre-Live Website Check:
10.1 Before the website goes live, clients are advised to check the complete website for errors and functionality issues.

Limited Live Waiting Period:
11.1 Once the project is complete, it can be awaited for live status for only 10 days. If the client does not respond within this time, the project may be canceled.

Final Payment for Website Going Live:
12.1 Clients must make all payments before their website can go live on the main domain.

Payment Validity:
13.1 Payments are considered valid only when transferred to the company’s account; any other form of payment will not be accepted as valid.

Communication for Changes:
14.1 For any changes, an email or WhatsApp message is required from the client.

Content Verification:
15.1 Before providing content or information, clients are responsible for proper verification. Our team will not be held responsible for any errors; our role is limited to copying and pasting the provided information.

By engaging with Cyberkida Digiera Private Limited services, clients acknowledge and agree to adhere to the terms outlined in this Client’s Work Policy.

Last updated:06/12/2023

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